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Meet the cloud computing revolution. Monetize your unused computing power аnd benefit from our sustainable technology.

It's like a car sharing app for computing power

By providing your computing power when you don’t need it the global community can benefit. When you’re up and need power you have access to a global network of cloud computing.

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Faster, safer, better
cloud computing

Decentralized cloud computing power for people who want to benefit from pure & responsible cloud computing power.


Your data is not duplicated to third-party servers or secondary locations but is stored safe in a decentralized cloud computing architecture.

On Demand

You get instant access to the cloud from any device, anytime, anywhere. Manage your demand for computing power flexible and cost-efficient.


Up to 90% cheaper than other providers. By paying with our token NCDT, you additionally save up to 20% on your cloud computing bill.


You are choosing an economically and environmentally friendly cloud service provider. All computing power is derived from devices with unused capacities.

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Roadmap & Vision is pleased to announce the launch of various innovative products that will change the way users & cooperations use cloud computing services.

Tokenomics is introducing its own token (NCDT) which powers the blockchain part of the network and allows all participants to stake and earn rewards and discounts.

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Make your computing power change the world while you sleep

We believe in the power of community. Our miners are not only able to monetize their unused computing power but are helping us to change the world. Your PC, smartphone or server can help  others utilize complex calculations while you don’t need them.

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After clicking the currency of your choice you will be forwarded to the purchasing platform where you can finish the transaction. Right after you can start your calculations – simple, fast and secure.

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Features that change
cloud computing

1. Automatic Distribution works as a link between those who need computing power and those who provide it. The system distributes your calculations automatically to millions of miners who deliver computing capacity to run your project.

2. Monetization
& Sustainability

Monetize your idle hardware and its idle processing capacity as a miner for for a better return on your hardware investment and for saving valuable resources. You can offer the unused capacity of your old hardware or even your new one when you don’t need it – for example at night when you are asleep.

3. Scalable Workloads
& Costs

At, you pay only for the computing power you really use. Our solution combines the capacity of thousands of CPUs, GPUs and even smartphones to calculate your project – real time and on demand.

4. Consumer-friendly
& Simple Usage

The cloud computing service doesn´t require you to write any special code in order to be able to use the decentralized cloud. You can utilize your existing setup and let the calculations run on the resources the miners of provide you.

5. Cost-efficient Solution

The virtual cloud computing at enables you to save money on workstations and servers. Without hardware, you also save the costs of maintenance, updates and other fixes to the system.

6. Secure & Reliable Cloud

Based on the trusted blockchain technology of BOINC, offers you a powerful public key encryption. This ensures that your code as well as your device is safe with us.

use cases

The IT industry spends over $1 trillion on hardware every year, but 50% of this infrastructure is sitting idle or turned off.

Scientific Research

Today researchers need a huge amount of computing power. Cloud computing has the power to change how we do scientific research and its implications are limitless.

Data Analysis

The data revolution is upon us and the need for speed has never been greater.
In some cases close to infinite processing power may be required!

Artificial Intelligence

AI and the cloud work together to improve various processes. Artificial needs computer power from within a virtual system in order for it run efficiently

Video Rendering

Cloud rendering is an up and coming revolutionary technology used to create high quality video or 3D models as it is much more cost effective than purchasing hardware.

Market forecast (Worldwide) aims to capture a significant share of the global cloud computing market.


First of all - experience and knowledge

People behind our project are well-known experts recognized by delivering best cloud computing solutions around globe.

What's the difference?

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The team is excited to announce that our public beta test version of PRO...

The team is excited to announce that our public beta test version of PRO...

The recent AWS Outage

The team is excited to announce that our public beta test version of PRO...

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