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Get your calculations done from whereever you are. Any day or night. Secure. Encrypted. On Demand. Cost efficient.


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Sharing economy platform for network computing based on BOINC allowing you to monetise unused computing power of your smartphone, computer or server through our easy and simple to use nuco.client app.

Professional version of designed for large enterprises and professional customers. The system brings more control over the features and an extra layer of security. Customers can choose specific hardware to be used, the latency, throughput, geographic location and the certificates of data security level.

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70% revenue receive miners who provide computing power, as they have to do most of the work and cover their costs for electricity etc. 20% of revenue receives


10% of our sales in the cloud are donated free of charge to scientific projects, so that they can continue to perform their calculations

ECO centric computing

Eco friendly cloud computing process with main goal of decreasing carbon footprint of common data centers. Constantly focused on delivering new eco-efficient technologies.


our team

First of all – experience and knowledge

People behind our project are well-known experts recognised by delivering best cloud computing solutions around globe.

Tobias Adler


Matthias Klees


Rafal Komuda


Robert Ehlert


Stephan Weber

Head of Coding

Hagen Hübel

Token Developer

Christoph Rock

Head of Sales

Timo Sailer


Julian Böker


Matthew Herbst

Creative Director

Astrid Linder

Businessangel & Co-Founder

Stefan Lippeck

Businessangel & Co-Founder

Maximilian Hohenberger

Businessangel & Co-Founder

Daniel Jevtic

Businessangel & Co-Founder

Fabian Reimer

Businessangel & Co-Founder

Dominik Winkelmann

Businessangel & Co-Founder

Jürgen Geier

Businessangel & Co-Founder

Michael Prediger

Marketing Advisor

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why nuco


Built on everything we learned from our own experience, is a complete new definition of distributed cloud computing that goes even further than any other cloud solution on the market to help you get back to what matters Fast, secure and cost-effective calculation results that only need to be paid on demand, all in a user-friendly environment.



Automatic distribution of workloads

Distribute your calculations to thousands of miners who calculate your project


Monetise your idle hardware and it's idle processing potential by distributing your computing power to for a better return on your hardware investment


Use thousands of CPUs, GPUs or even Smartphones to calculate your projects


Save yourself the time and effort of writing your program in a special code. With a simple drop down menu you can use your existing program as usual. With the difference that the calculations are not only performed locally at your site but by thousands of miners at

Cost efficient

You don't need to invest lots of money in your own workstation or server cluster


Thanks to BOINC as the technological basis, uses powerful public key encryption. Nobody sees your code (customer) or get's access to your device (miner).