We have extended our 0,08€ period in the ICO until 31.07.2019. You can find all new dates in our white paper. Distributed Cloud Computing

The Power of a Supercomputer in your hands. Inexpensive and easy to use!

Hardcap in days
Tokens sold: 3,857,000

Supercomputer at your fingertips

Use immense Computing Power from wherever you are. It doesn't matter if you are at your Desktop-PC, Laptop, or even Phone!

Easy Super-Computer-Usage

We developed the with user-friendliness in mind. With a simple dropdown option you can use giant amounts of computing-power

Recipient of the BAFA-Grant is the first ever blockchain-project to receive a grant by BAFA (German Federal Office for economic affairs)

We support science and universities

With every project you compute on the, part of the tokens get donated to a scientific fund, which scientists can use to calculate their research for free

From Coin to Completion

At first you will buy your tokens. You can buy them here on our site and the tokens get transferred directly into your crypto-wallet. Now you just install the nuco.client on your device and you can start computing. Just choose the calculations you need to compute and in your regular Dropdown menu you have the option "Compute with nuco". Your Calculations will get split up in data-packages and sent to the, where thousands of individual miners will calculate individual data-packages. No miner will ever see your full project, and neither will we. Your data is completely safe. After computing the nuco.client will calculate exactly how many tokens you used and transfer them  to to the nuco.core, where it will get distributed to the miners. You only pay exactly how much computing power you need. Completely on-demand, with no monthly contracts.

Great future for high-performance applications

The opens the door for new applications that need high computing power to be portable on your smartphone or tablet without needing a supercomputer or server-center on hold in case you need to use the app. The App can use a regular PC as server that uses the to compute everything.

Upkeep of high-performance apps can become cheaper and more developers get the chance to release their app without huge amounts of front-loaded costs. In Addition we use part of the revenue from to fund more science projects for sustainability and technological advancements. This way we make sure that everyone benefits from the technology we created.

Based on BOINC technology

With our technology being based on BOINC we already know that it works. A reliable, tested and optimized system, being made available for the public.

No smart contracts

We do not work with smart contracts. Your project gets calculated by the fastest available miner at all times. You are not bound to a single server or user.

Real distributed computing

We distribute your project to as many different available miners as possible. That way we make sure that you get the fastest possible computation time.

High data security

This distribution gives the extra security that no individual miner can see large parts of your project, even if they can break the encryption of the package.

Fair and secure payment

With our exact measurements every miner will get paid fairly for every calculation he does and the project-owner only pays for exactly the calculations he needed.

Easy to use

Easy one-click installation followed by easy one-click computing. Usability was our top priority!

Supports scientific advancements

BOINC was created for scientists, so we would like to give back to the scientific community and donate part of our revenue to projects concerning sustainability and renewable resources

Awesome Team

Our Team only consists of specialists in their field. Programmers, Traders, Bankers, Marketers, Scientists and Developers work together to create a service that is perfect for every business in every branch.

Tobias Adler


Matthias Klees


Robert Ehlert


William Andrews


Hagen Hübel

Token Developer

Stephan Weber

Head of Coding

William Rau

Head of Global Sales

Rafal Komuda

Community Management

Astrid Linder


Stefan Lippeck


Maximilian Hohenberger


Daniel Jevtic


Fabian Reimer


Dominik Winkelmann


Jürgen Geier


Our Roadmap

We have come a long way, but we are always looking forward!

Data analysis robot
Project start
Venture Capital
BAFA Funding
Private sale
Start of development
Public sale
Beta version
Hardcap in days
Tokens sold: 3,857,000

Download nuco WhitePaper

In our whitepaper you will find all the technical details you could ever want to know. Download it now in German or English. Other Languages will follow.

Buy nuco

Buy nucos from our simple sales-plattform and they will get transfered directly to your wallet.

Choose An Application In The Cloud

Choose your application or your project that you would like to compute in the cloud

Start Calculating

Simply click on "compute with nuco" and your project will be computed. All you need is a stable internet connection to send and receive your data-packages

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most asked questions from social media or live-events. All answers here in one place.

How much does one nuco cost?

You will always find the current price of our nucos in the sales-plattform. obviously you will see the price before purchasing!

When will go live?

We are currently aiming for a release date during Q3 of 2020.

How did you get the idea for nuco?

We started development on a Data Analysis Tool and realized that the computing power needed was immense. The only solutions we could find where multi-million dollar server-centers or fixed-cost rented servers at other cloud-computing-companies. Since none of these are viable options we started looking into the research sector and found BOINC. As they say, the rest is history!

How can I become a miner?

You can download the nuco.client from our server and install it on your mining device. Then you enter your wallet-ID and we will transfer the tokens to your wallet after your first computations have been validated.

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