(NCDT) Liquidity Staking — 2022 (NCDT) Liquidity Staking — 2022

General Overview

Staking Structure

The Liquidity Staking Pool

  • Rewards: Uniswap Trading Fees (in Uni-V2 Token) + 105 % APY (in NCDT)
  • Full maturity: 90 days
  • Early withdrawal starts: 5th June 2022
  • Early withdrawal ends: 4th August 2022
  • Early withdrawal rewards: Start at 5% APY + Trading Fees
  • The time period to contribute: 30 days till 6th May 2022 (the pool will be closed after that so you have to be fast to join)

Requirements for Staking

Keywords and Unique Features

Double Rewards

Limited Time to Contribute

Full Maturity

Early Withdrawal

Forfeited and Redistributed Rewards

What’s Next

Then we will open up the Liquidity Staking pool!

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