nuco.compute a new product of

We are happy to announce that there will be another product besides -> nuco.compute

nuco.compute is a professional version of where the computing power comes purely from professional data centers, not from private miners.

nuco.compute will offer significantly more features and more options than At nuco.compute the customer can filter according to the following options:

  • virtual environments
  • what maximum latency the customer allows
  • what is the minimum throughput required by the customer
  • on which hardware the customer wants his projects to be calculated
  • in which region the data centers may be located
  • which data protection certificates are required.


nuco.compute should go live as early as Q3 2020.

The payment in nuco.compute will primarily be made in FIAT, but there will also be the possibility to pay in NCDT and later in NUCO. When paying in NCDT or NUCO, the customer receives a discount of 20% compared to payment in FIAT.