finally on Crypto Exchanges

One of the most innovative sharing economy platforms for network computing has finally been settled to be listed at crypto exchanges.’s NCDT Utility Token will be traded from 6th of September 2020 in order to provide access to the most affordable, secure and user-friendly distributed computing cloud in the world.

Coming into exchanges is a huge step for which, during its ICO token sale, has raised around 2,500,000 euro selling 25,000,000 out of total 50,000,000 supply of NCDT Utility Tokens in different price phases from 0.08 EUR to 1.28 EUR. 

The idea of has started when the founder – Tobias Adler –  developed a trading robot that needed a lot of computing power. Together with Matthias Klees they came across BOINC, the open-source solution that would enable their work to be more satisfactory and less expensive. They agreed that more people must feel the same way. They came up with the idea of – decentralized supercomputer, accessible from any device connected to the internet.

Ever since that, the aim of the has been to use redundant processing potential of every PC, server and smartphone to solve issues that require considerable computing power. 

Founded in 2018 now consists of two independent platforms dedicated for both individual and professional users. which will be ready in Q1 2021 and  will be connecting idle computing power of computers, laptops and smartphones and selling it to the individual clients using blockchain payment system.

Nuco.compute should be ready in Q4 this year and will be connecting idle computing power of large data centers with security certifications and selling it to the professional clients using both ways of payment: traditional one in euro and blockchain.

The systems work on the “pay as you go” principle which simply means no contracts and no subscriptions.

Built on everything learned from the experience, is a complete new definition of distributed cloud computing that goes even further than any other cloud solution on the market to help its users to get back to what matters.

Innovative approach and clever solution was rewarded by German Government BAFA grant for the first blockchain related project.

Today the team can confirm that their long-anticipated Utility Tokens from now on will be ready to get into circulation. Revolutionary approach to cloud computing has allowed it to gather adherent supporters.