Is „sharing economy” the future?

25.03.2020 As we step in to 2020 most of us are already familiar with the economic system based on sharing possessions and services, either for free or for payment. Platforms like „Uber” and „AirBnB” begun the trends in sharing transportation and accommodationand the concept has now stepped into the cyber world. At Nuco Cloud we are creating the platform which … Read More

Interview with Dominik Winkelmann

Dominik Winkelmann, Business Angel and Co-Founder, has been working at ING Germany for over 12 years and have worked in various areas from account management to various back office jobs. Currently he is working as a security specialist in the trading area. How did you hear about Through an acquaintance and colleague who has been working with blockchain technology … Read More

Interview with Tobias Adler

Tobias Adler, 36, CEO of Iron Eagle Capital and a Founder of How did you get into nuco? In 2012 I developed a trading robot, a so-called Expert Advisor, for automated stock exchange trading. For back testing, i.e. testing the best working configuration, I needed a lot of computing power. No solution was either practical or simply too expensive. … Read More

Nuco Cloud Soft Cap Secured

07.03.2020 1.8mln Euro deal signed with Globiance Malta based crypto exchange Globiance and Iron Eagle Capital GmbH have signed an IEO token sale agreement. Globiance has purchased NCDT tokens in the value of €1,800,000. With this deal Iron Eagle Capital GmbH has secured the soft cap of and also it’s development. „We are happy to inform our customers and … Read More

Interview with Jürgen Geier

Jürgen Geier, Business Angel and Co-Founder, Product Owner at ING Deutschland Banking to go App – Investment Division, Business Analyst at ING Deutschland, Business Angel at Iron Eagle Capital GmbH, Crypto Enthusiast and Advisor How did you hear about Fabian had informed me about the possibility of an investment in the Blockchain/Cloud area. I found the idea very interesting … Read More

Interview with Daniel Jevtic

Daniel Jevtic, Business Angel and Co-Founder, Entrepreneur and Nuconian from Augsburg. How did you hear about Tobi, the man who came up with the ideas, approached me in 2018 about his idea and presented me  with his vision. So I was immediately involved. How would you describe a in a maximum of five words?  Computing cloud of the … Read More

Interview with Robert Ehlert

Robert Ehlert, COO, Germany’s youngest entrepreneur at the age of 14. Founder, co-founder and CEO in 15 companies to date. His companies employed over 1,200 people in a genuine, living culture of trust. Trained as a systemic organizational developer and consultant for a colorful mix of start-ups up to large corporations. How did you become aware of nuco? Through a … Read More

What is

08.02.2020 is a new sharing economy platform for network computing based on BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing), originally created by a team based at Space Science Laboratory in 2002 to support scientific research in need for large computing calculations. Our platform allows you to monetize unused computing power of your smartphone, computer or server through our easy … Read More

Interview with Fabian Reimer

Fabian Reimer, Business Angel and Co-Founder, Crypto Enthusiast and Security Specialist in Stock Exchange Trading at ING Germany. CoE Business Management / Expert Process & Change – ING Germany. How did you hear about Tobi approached me with a request to take a closer look at a presentation and distribute it to suitable people in my network. Back then, … Read More

Interview with Rafal Komuda

Rafal Komuda, CMO, 45 years old crypto Enthusiast, Marketing and PR specialist. How did you hear about nuco cloud? I was introduced to Tobias (CEO) at Malta Blockchain Summit 2018 and I fell in love with his idea for sharing economy in a field of computing power. How would you describe in a maximum of five words? Computing power … Read More