Malta Blockchain Summit May 2019

The Malta AI & Blockchain Summit was the first time that we could introduce the to an international audience. We had our booth right in the heart of the conference, presented our project on the main stage of the event and started our ICO right there on Malta.

Here is a little peek behind the scenes of our trip to Malta and how we experienced the summit.

For our CEO Tobias Adler and Community Manager Rafal Komuda this was the second time they have been to the Malta Blockchain Summit. Thanks to the connections that Tobias and Rafal made the last time around we got a headstart on networking and met with people 3 days before the summit even started. The entire Blockchain Community in Malta is so welcoming and friendly, we had a blast on different events pretty much every day. This was a great and welcomed change from the weeks leading up to the Summit.

Those weeks were probably one of the busiest times for our entire project so far. New promotional material had to be created and printed, our presentation had to be realized, designed and practiced and we obviously needed to make sure that everything concerning the ICO was running smoothly before everything went live. Even while we were already on Malta our Token-Developer and our Web-Developer were working countless hours to make sure that everything would work perfectly – and most importantly completely secure.

During the summit itself everything worked out fine. We had no issues with anything and the ICO started as smoothly as we could have hoped for.

During the event many people from the last summit crossed our path – it was great to reconnect with Albert Feng from Acunetix, Martijn Hekman from and Oliver de la Rosa from Globiance among many others. Not only friendships were formed, but more importantly partnerships. So it was the 2018 Malta Summit that started the process of getting listed as Globiance’s Pilot-IEO and the 2019 Conference cemented our partnership together.

But not only the old faces were important at this event. The new people we met there were some of the most interesting people we have ever talked to. Potential partners from the, Investors like Rob Charles from Goldfingr, and just simply good people like Dr. Jeppe Stockholm from Amazix and Max Studennikoff from the CC Forum crossed our path and we are very happy to have made their acquaintance.

This event made it clear what Blockchain is really about; It’s the community. Everyone working together to one common goal. We have pitched our presentation in front of over 7000 people (incl. the Live-stream), but the most valuable experiences we have made at this event included the human beings we actually talked to directly, exchanged contact info and stayed in contact with, to this day. The Malta Blockchain Summit really brought the best people from the blockchain community all around the world to one place and made it possible for us all to connect and work together to try to make this world a better place for all of us.

Here you can watch our Pitch Presentation (at 5:16:15)