Introducing GO: Empowering Scientific Research, AI Projects, and Rewarding Contributors with the Power of BOINC, BOID, and TELOS!




Hardware Requirements:


Goals for the testnet:

Discover the next revolution in distributed computing with GO, a pioneering platform that seamlessly combines the reliable power of BOINC, the expertise of BOID, and the groundbreaking blockchain technology of TELOS. This innovative solution is designed to transform cloud-based distributed computing while supporting critical scientific research through [email protected], reducing costs for future AI projects, and rewarding testnet contributors with an exclusive NUCO token airdrop.


As part of the testnet launch, GO invites you to contribute your computing power to make a tangible impact on the world. By allocating resources from miners within the testnet, we’re uniting our efforts to accelerate [email protected]’s research and support the future of AI projects. In recognition of your valuable contribution, you’ll receive an airdrop of NUCO tokens after the “ GO” mainnet goes live, offering you a stake in this revolutionary platform. GO provides a unique opportunity for researchers, developers, and users to collaborate in driving scientific breakthroughs and AI advancements while benefiting from the advantages of distributed computing and blockchain integration. With your participation in the testnet, you’ll play a crucial role in refining and optimizing this cutting-edge platform, ensuring GO achieves its full potential in revolutionizing the world of distributed computing.


Join us in the GO testnet launch and be part of a transformative movement that harnesses the collective power of BOINC, BOID, and TELOS to advance [email protected]’s vital research initiatives, support the future of AI projects, and reward dedicated contributors. Together, we can redefine the future of distributed computing and make a lasting impact on scientific progress and AI innovation. Are you ready to make a difference and reap the rewards with GO?


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