Is „sharing economy” the future?

As we step in to 2020 most of us are already familiar with the economic system based on sharing possessions and services, either for free or for payment. Platforms like „Uber” and „AirBnB” begun the trends in sharing transportation and accommodationand the concept has now stepped into the cyber world.

At Nuco Cloud we are creating the platform which connects unused computing power through easy to use app in the most secure way and allows to monetise it.

Our platform acts as a middleman connecting people who own smart phones, computers and servers with people who want to do large, fast and secure computing calculations with no contract or subscription in the most economical and sustainable way.

We believe sharing economy is one of the best solutions to use our resources in a clever and economical way especially in the time when poverty and climate change are becoming a real threat.

Think smart and be smart- the future is now!

Join and become a change.