Interview with Stephan Weber

Stephan Weber, Head of Coding at, specialist for automation, digitalisation, individual software and project management, CEO at New Direction GmbH.

How did you hear about
I have meet Tobias Adler when he was searching for a developer team. We talked about the technical possibilities and options. Very fast it was clear, that we want to be part of and for Tobias was clear, that new direction was the right choice as development partner.

How would you describe a in a maximum of five words?
Easy-to-use Cloud computing

What are you responsible for at
New Direction has the task to develop all the great ideas and find technical solutions to get nuco to take-off.

Why did you decide to invest in
From my personal point of view is a great way to provide lots of computing-power at a fingertip. This is necessary for many companies to fulfil their needs. It’s a great chance as an investment.

What connects you to the blockchain world?
The technical part – the idea of blockchains is easy and brilliant. And the chances and options to use it in the business world are almost endless. I want to be part of it.

How do you feel about the current status of
It is great what Tobias and the team has created so far. Obviously technical development (almost) always needs more – more developers and more hours in a day. But to be honest, I cannot wait to launch the next development-step.

Are there any similar projects you are currently working with?
I would not say, that there are other projects similar to In this project there is contact to Berkeley, the goal is to change the usage of cloud computing for everyone. The goal is to create a way, that makes it possible for almost everyone to use the power of millions of computers out there without even thinking much about it. is very unique.

Would you recommend others to work with
Of course. We want to achieve, that everyone can use with just a few clicks. The bigger the community grows, the more power will be available.

What is your vision for
Vision is the task of Tobias… but my vision is that using for everyone will be just as normal as creating a new word-file.

What projects do you wish to see supported by donations?Most projects are not a question of donations. Most projects are just a question of decision of mankind. My personal concerns are about stoping cruelty or indifference against animals in this world.