Interview with Robert Ehlert

Robert Ehlert, COO, Germany’s youngest entrepreneur at the age of 14. Founder, co-founder and CEO in 15 companies to date. His companies employed over 1,200 people in a genuine, living culture of trust. Trained as a systemic organizational developer and consultant for a colorful mix of start-ups up to large corporations.

How did you become aware of nuco?
Through a personal contact with the founder.

How would you describe in a maximum of five words.
Computer power no matter where.

What are you responsible for at
I am the COO organizing the Daily Business.

Why did you decide to work with nuco cloud?
I think the Tobias has a real entrepreneurial gene and the right mindset for success. His idea is based on practical experience and is well needed.

What connects you to the Blockchain world?
My interest and the belief that the Blockchain will change our world and the way we sign contracts or pay transactions.

How do you feel about the current status of cloud computing?
Big corporations dominate the market at horrendous prices. Many companies are investing in cloud solutions today.

Why would you recommend others to work with
Because it is the future and an absolutely practical idea. There is nothing more exciting than being a part of  shaping the future.

What is your vision for
The world’s leading blockchain solution for cloud computing power.

Where do you think Blockchain technology is going to be in the next five years?
It will have perfectly matured, changed our economic system and simplified transactions.

Which projects do you wish to see supported by nuco´s donations?
Scientific projects in the field of AI.

Which scientific projects do you currently find most important?
Everything about Blockchain and AI