Interview with Jürgen Geier

Jürgen Geier, Business Angel and Co-Founder, Product Owner at ING Deutschland Banking to go App – Investment Division, Business Analyst at ING Deutschland, Business Angel at Iron Eagle Capital GmbH, Crypto Enthusiast and Advisor

How did you hear about
Fabian had informed me about the possibility of an investment in the Blockchain/Cloud area. I found the idea very interesting right from the start.

How would you describe nuco cloud in a maximum of five words?
Cloud, Blockchain, Easy

What are you responsible for at
I am an Investor, Shareholder and Business Angel. If required, I support you with my experience from various banking projects.

Why did you decide to work with
I think the idea of a distributed computing cloud is very interesting compared to the large central providers, and I see enormous market potential in this area in the coming years. I also think the topic of blockchain is very interesting and I hope to expand my expertise in this area.

What connects you with the blockchain world?
The topic is very interesting and will change the banking world massively in the next few years. Other areas as well, of course.

How do you feel about the current status of cloud computing?
Some big providers dominate the market and can therefore dictate the prices.

Are there any similar projects you are currently working with?
Not at the moment.

Why would you recommend others to work with is a simple, secure and cost-effective solution.

What is your vision for
Worldwide alternative to the big providers. Worldwide nuco community emerges.

What do you think is the future of cloud computing?
I think decentralization is the next step.

Where do you think the blockchain technology will be in the next 5 years?
It will be established in many areas in the next few years. Besides currencies especially in areas like banking and insurance.

What areas of application can you imagine for
Ideal for all those who need cost-effective computing power, e.g. medium-sized companies from all sectors.

What ideas do you have for the future of nuco that are not yet planned?
Building a strong, worldwide community.

What projects do you wish to see supported by nuco’s donations?
Projects for climate protection.