Interview with Dominik Winkelmann

Dominik Winkelmann, Business Angel and Co-Founder, has been working at ING Germany for over 12 years and have worked in various areas from account management to various back office jobs. Currently he is working as a security specialist in the trading area.

How did you hear about
Through an acquaintance and colleague who has been working with blockchain technology for a long time. 

How would you describe in a maximum of five words?
Innovative, smart and efficient 

What are you responsible for at
I am an Investor, Shareholder and Business Angel 

Why did you decide to invest in
I like to invest in companies and projects which makes everyday life smarter through a natural and innovative way. I think is very promising and therefore this cooperation was a logical step. 

What connects you to the blockchain world?
I was always interested in crypto currencies and I see it as a future and a very exciting topic. 

How do you feel about the current status of
The basis was created and we are ready for a productive live-action. 

Are there any  similar projects you are currently working with?
Not at the moment. 

Would you recommend others to work with
Definitely, is a young, yet professional and promising project. 

What is your vision for
Easy handling and covering the needs of every human,  in the form of computing power. 

What do you think is the future of cloud computing?
The computers have to become faster and faster, as the data processing flow becomes larger and larger. To compensate for this conflict, there will be no way around cloud computing. This innovation will affect us all in the future. 

Where do you think blockchain technology will be in the next 5 years?
It’ll be like the Internet. Blockchain technology is still something new and partly unknown to many people. In the future, blockchain technology will pass over into our normal life. 

What areas of application can you imagine for
Data evaluation, as a calculation tool for the most diverse industries, topics and areas.

What projects do you wish to see supported by nuco´s donations?
Projects that further facilitate normal everyday life and where there is a benefit for every need. 

Which scientific projects do you find most important at the moment?
Projects that keep climate change under control and projects that promote our health and fight disease.