Interview with Astrid Linder

Astrid Linder, Businessangel & Co-Founder at, ex Vice President at PIMCO and Fixed Income Trader at Allianz Global Investors.

How did you hear about
It was by personal contact with the CEO Tobias Adler.

How would you describe a in a maximum of five words
Fast, easy and secure computing power

What are you responsible for at
I’m an Investor and Shareholder.

Why did you decide to invest in
It is an attractive product with huge business opportunities, performed in an easy but also very professional way with the right set up.

What connects you to the blockchain world?
Personal interest and the belief that Blockchain is the future technology.

How do you feel about the current status of is on a good track and developing in big steps but it is still the beginning of a huge potential.

Are there any similar projects you are currently working with?
I am constantly involved in different investment opportunities.

Would you recommend others to work with
Definitely yes, it is an attractive investment and a big opportunity for miners and users of computing power.

What is your vision for
I think it will become a world leading blockchain based system for cloud computing.

What projects do you wish to see supported by nuco donations?
I would like to support education and scientific projects in the field of AI.