Crypto A.M. shines its Spotlight on

This week’s spotlight feature introduces you to the,the first blockchain-project to ever receive a grant from the German government. CEO Tobias Adler has gathered a team of experts around him to develop a distributed computing cloud that aims to make the power of a supercomputer available to everyone. Based on existing technology from the University of California in Berkeley (BOINC)the gathers resources from the idle computing power of smartphones, Computers and Servers. Customers can then use this computing power to calculate their projects in the cloud. This entire process is then verified and the payments are transferred via blockchain.

With this approach , the can provide computing power faster and more secure than competitors. They are aiming to achieve a better service at 10% of the price of the current providers in the market. They are currently running their ICO to secure funding for the development of the Tobias Adler and his CMO William Andrews are currently on the road almost constantly promoting their project on Summits allover Europe. Just in the last 2 months you could have met them at the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit, in London or in Monaco at the Ritossa Global Family Office Summit. During this time the has already found many companies as partners, customers and miners who have provided them with a Letter of Intent to actively use and promote the once the development is finished.

The ICO is currently in its first public phase with a price of 0,08 € per Token,which will end on July 31. In a bold move they are running their ICO for a full year and the pricing will hit 1,28 € per Token by the time they are going to reach their already established listing on the exchange of Globiance. The final price of 1,28 € per Token was set as 25% of the pricing of the current market-leader. This will act as a baseline to later achieve the 10% target that has been set. Since the is based on Open Source technology from the scientific community, they have also vouched to give back, in the form of donating 10% of their income in tokens to scientific research facilities all around the world.This way the scientific community can use the computing power of the free of charge.The focuses their donations on research projects concerning sustainability and scientific advancement in the technology sector. This way everyone investing, using or mining in the can be responsible for the next big leaps and scientific discoveries that have been made possible with previously unavailable computing power. The is setting out to help small and medium sized business realize new projects, that they are currently not able to afford and try to improve the world of scientific research for everyone at the same time.