Super computer against


10 PetaFLOPs of fast and secure cloud computing power
dedicated to scientific reaserch against coronavirus.

Robert Ehlert COO

Blockchain Start-Up and data center Initiative against Covid-19

A partnership between several Blockchain Start-Ups and Data Centers has created immense computing power gained to support the fight against Covid-19., CUDO Compute, Bitkern, Hetzner Online and e-shelter have joined forces to create a Distributed Computing Cloud. This decentralized supercomputer is based on the combined computing power of all the participants in this joint venture and is intended to accelerate scientific research at Covid-19.


Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures,” says Tobias Adler, CEO of “For this reason, we wanted to give BioTech Companies, Universities and scientists access to the computing capacity of our Distributed Computing Cloud, thus, supporting them in developing a vaccine, medicals etc. against Covid-19.

 “Together with CUDO Compute, Bitkern, Hetzner Online and e-shelter our Joint Venture can provide more than 10 PetaFLOPS of computing power,” explains Adler.

The immense computing power gained from the Joint Venture could be used, for example, for the analysis of test series, vaccine and drug development or the analysis of infected patients. 

 Anyone with a computer, server or smartphone can also help by providing computing power to the Joint Venture via an app. This could be users with idle hardware, for example a Gamer with a PC when it’s not in use.

Matt Hawkins

“We are delighted to be part of this project,” says Matt Hawkins, CEO of Cudo Compute. “The foundation of our company is based on ethical innovation, right now, any innovation that can support the battle against Covid-19 is a step in the right direction. This will provide the extra resources that researchers and Universities require in order to find a vaccine as fast as possible.”

Pete Hill

Pete Hill, Partnership Director of Cudo Compute says: “These are unprecedented times that are bringing the tech and science communities together. To be involved and to closely collaborate with companies across Europe, to provide solutions that will benefit the World, is hugely fulfilling. We are immensely proud to be able to contribute towards fighting the battle against the coronavirus.

BioM is also listed as a cloud computing provider at the official exchange platform for Covid19 -> paragraph “Data Analytics / Bioinformatic Services”-


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Donate joint venture.

Users can utilise the platform to transform their idle hardware into donations for charities.
It offers private users an innovative way to donate to this Joint Venture without paying cash or giving away personal details.

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