Update: 2023 Roadmap

Back to News All of us at nuco.cloud are thrilled to announce some exciting updates and improvements we have planned for our products! The team has been working hard to bring you the best experience possible, and we’re excited to share what we’re up to! In February we created our first servers successfully called nuco.cloud […]

Product Development Update – March 2023

Back to News Learn more about nuco.cloud´s latest developemnts nuco.cloud is pleased to announce the following progress on our innovative products that will change the way users & cooperations use cloud computing services in 2023. We will be launching the following products by the end of Q1 2023 (March 2023):  nuco.cloud GO This product is making […]

Features That Change Cloud Computing

Back to News Decentralized cloud computing power for people who want to benefit from pure & responsible cloud computing power. Our miners are not only able to monetize their unused computing power but are helping us to change the world with the following features and benefits… Automatic Distribution The nuco.cloud system distributes your calculations automatically […]

nuco.cloud to build a sustainable future with Cudo Compute

Back to News Does cloud computing sound dry, expensive, and probably very complicated to you? Well, you’re not wrong. In most cases! Cudo’s collaboration with nuco.cloud is driving the global adoption of the decentralised cloud. Over the past three years, nuco.cloud has been developing two decentralised platforms to enable the secure and sustainable sharing of […]

What is Staking & Why Choose nuco.cloud?

Staking is the process of holding tokens in a cryptowallet to support the operations of a network.  Participants are rewarded in NCDT Token for depositing and holding token, with constant guaranteed time-based returns. Rewards are calculated based on staking time: the longer you stake, the more you earn. Advice: Rewards are allocated from the Staking Smart Contract […]

The recent AWS Outage

The nuco.cloud team is excited to announce that our public beta test version of nuco.cloud PRO…

Uniswap Listing

Today nuco.cloud is excited to announce that our NCDT token is listed since 21st March 2021 at 3pm (CET) on the Dezentralized Exchange Uniswap.