Interview with Astrid Linder

Astrid Linder, Businessangel & Co-Founder at, ex Vice President at PIMCO and Fixed Income Trader at Alianz Global Investors. How did you hear about It was by personal contact with the CEO Tobias Adler. How would you describe a in a maximum of five words? Fast, easy and secure computing power What are you responsible for at … Read More

The idea of

The idea of came up when the founder – Tobias Adler – developed a trading robot for stock trading which needed a lot of computing power. After a long market research and price calculations it became clear that the main computing power suppliers were too expensive and required long term contracts. Together with Matthias Klees they came across BOINC, … Read More finally on Crypto Exchanges

Your browser does not support the video tag. One of the most innovative sharing economy platforms for network computing has finally been settled to be listed at crypto exchanges.’s NCDT Utility Token will be traded from 6th of September 2020 in order to provide access to the most affordable, secure and user-friendly distributed computing cloud in the world. Coming … Read More