Ritossa Family Office Investment Summit Monaco


After we met with some interesting people in Malta, we got the invitation to join the 9th Ritossa Family Office Investment Summit in Monaco. At first we couldn’t believe that we had the fortune to get invited to this event.

The caliber of Investors at this summit was something the world has never seen before. Over 4,5 Trillion Dollar of Investment Capital managed by roughly 600 people is an amount of money almost impossible to wrap your head around.

That was our first impression. But just like in Malta we quickly realized that these events are not about projects, or money, or investments, but about the people you meet that are the true benefit to a company like ours. In our last Blog-post we mentioned meeting Dr. Jeppe Stockholm in Malta. He was also attending the summit in Monaco and we were happy to see a familiar face again. In between Sheiks and Multi-Billionaires, it is easy to get nervous and lose your cool, so talking with someone you consider a friend can really help to calm the nerves and make these events a little more fun instead of purely work.

But as it turns out, Jeppe was not only there to help us calm our nerves, but also to introduce us to some of the most important people for your project so far. After the opening party on the hotel-rooftop pool-bar we were invited to join Jeppe and his friends for some drinks at the Buddha bar. These friends consisted of some very interesting people, including James Bowater, the Crypto Insider for the CityAM Business newspaper from London and Alastair Lidel. Alastair is not only the CEO of The Block Events, but also the Founder of the Monaco Blockchain Conference. If you are talking blockchain and you are talking Monaco you will not get past Alastair Lidel.

Even before the actual Ritossa Family Office Investment Summit started we had already scheduled the next events with Alastair to come join him in his Private Investment Club Tour. A Tour of exclusive dinner events where handpicked projects introduce themselves to investors all over the world. Of course with Alastair in charge, the first dinner had to be held in Monaco. Even though we met a lot more people at the Investment Summit, this first opening night would be the most memorable and most impactfull for our project.

So not even 2 weeks later, we are back in Monaco and preparing our presentation for the Private Investment Club Tour. We had no idea what kind of people would be attending, but knowing Alastair, we were sure that the investors would be of highest quality. And that was the case. Private investors, institutional investors, even bank-owners were present during this dinner. Everyone would classify as something many people outside of the investment-sector haven’t even heard before: UHNWI – Ultra high net worth individuals. Many of whom were very interested in our project. We are still in talks with many of them, some wanted to invest, some wanted to partner up and join us to see where the nuco.cloud is going. But all of them are bringing us closer to our goal of a successful ICO.

We mentioned earlier that we also met James Bowater on that first night in Monaco. James was also present at the Private Investment Dinner and we quickly agreed to work together for a Spotlight in his crypto-segment „(Crypto Insider)“ of the CityAM Newspaper in London. So this was not only an amazing event to attract potential investors but it also was responsible for getting us our first international newspaper article. Overall we would conclude that going to Monaco is one of the best moves any blockchain-company can do. It certainly was for us.